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Library Staff and Board

Library Staff

  • Rachel Martens, Director
  • Vicki Bero, Library Assistant
  • Rebecca Buchmann, Library Assitant
  • Kay Forton, Library Assistant
  • Shay Foxenberg, Substitute Library Assistant
  • Keri Rose, Library Assistant
  • Megan Sikowski, Library Assistant
  • Peg Zagzebski, Library Assistant

Library Board

  • Anne Bohman
  • Mary Jo Lantz
  • Patricia Lund-Moe
  • Katie Ringbauer
  • Dr. Heidi Schmidt
  • Julie VandenHeuvel
  • Veronica Woodward

The Library Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted.  Below you can find recent minutes and upcoming agendas.

The Library Board can be reached at the following email address:

11-01-2016 Meeting Minutes - approved.pdf343.79 KB
12-06-2016 Meeting Minutes - approved.pdf194.75 KB
01-03-2017 Meeting Agenda.pdf366.56 KB